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Since 1992…

Pacha Ofir is a unique space, inaugurated on August 13, 1992, and located in a unique landscape in Esposende. A project of entrepreneur José Manuel Vieira, representative of the brand Pacha in Portugal who one day had the magnificent idea of creating in the middle of the pine forest of Ofir, a Pacha to this dimension.


A worldwide reference nightclub, it was considered by the prestigious British magazine “MUSIK” in 1999, one of the 21 best nightclubs in the world. Known for the production of excellent events and also for the assiduous presence of renowned international guests.

Our space


Área total 95.000m2. Parque par 7500 carros. Área coberta: 5.500m2. Pistas: 6. Área VIP com entrada independente. Bengaleiro par: 2500 casacos. Caixas de registadoras: 40. Parque privativo e super privativo. Zonas exteriores: 4. Bares: 25. Cafetaria/ Grill: 1. Entrances/Exits: 3. Casas de Banho: 12. Bengaleiro: 3. Boutique: 1.

Considered one of the 21 best nightclubs in the world

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